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Ron Kagan here: Founder at Skill Trade. You're in the right spot if you'd like us to help:

  1. Make marketing and sales technology work for you and your team.
  2. Automate what should be automated and introduce efficiencies that allow for the human touch where it's needed.
  3. Encourage, inspire, and contribute the relentless curiosity and passion that each team needs to be truly successful. A winning attitude can transform a culture and set your organization on the path to fulfilling its potential.
Hi. I'm Ron. Nice to meet you.

Ron Kagan


One the reasons I love work is it is a demonstrable contribution of value. You don't need to have read some book, it's not homework - your accomplishment is defined by the worth you've imparted to the customer. You can author your legacy in deeds, not just words. It's what attracted me to acting and being an actor to begin with: you are literally commiting your entire organism to action and leaving your mark in the eyes and ears of a hungry audience gathered together craving some kind of sense and meaning. Being a player who makes the story of a brand meaningful to prospects, who cuts through digital noise and enables sales is my favorite role of all time.

Hi. I'm Jason. Nice to meet you.

Jason Sawtelle


I'm fortunate that design and creativity comes easy to me. I'm also fortunate to love working with others to help convey visual ideas in an easy to understand manner. It's undeniable that professional design can impact your marketing for the better and it is an important tool in helping you communicate to your customers on an emotional level.

Katey McCarthy: Writer, Editor

Katey McCarthy

Writer, Editor

Katey McCarthy hails from Maine and has lived in NYC for 15 years. She has been passionate about writing since she was a child. Outside of writing, Katey runs a successful private jewelry practice.